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Grifton Lampwick

„Yucca Valley“ Grifton Lampwick

2015  Paperbound hardcover book
84 pages 40 color plates
Format: 29.7 cm x 21 cm
1. Edition Signed      Edition of 50

Price: 25 € (incl. tax)

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Grifton Lampwick is a film photographer based in Munich, Germany. Lampwick occupies a distinct place in landscape photography. His pictures don’t idealize pristine wilderness nor do they moralize about the damaging imprint humans leave upon the natural world. Lampwick studies places of contact — where we have altered the earth — and finds reflection, wonder, awe. In his series „Yucca Valley“ from 2015,Lampwick captures the vastness and loneliness of North America in film-like photographs in the cinemascope format. The series was created while supervising a number of commercials as an on set supervisor in Nevada.

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