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Andrew Dupuy

“Dinosaur” Andrew Dupuy

Year: 2020
Media: C-Print on Fujicolor crystal archive paper supreme
Format: 30cm × 20cm ,  12″ x 8″
Edition: Limited edition of 10 + 2 artist proofs                                   

This limited edition comes with a signed, stamped & numbered certificate of authenticity on verso. The Print is protected in a glasin cover and a solid envelope.

Price: 24,50 € (incl. tax) 79,90     

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“Surrealist wonderland” is a description I really like! I’m drawn to anything that has a fairytale quality including dioramas and statuary. When I was a kid, I dreamed of running away with the carnival. Traveling from town to town with all those games and rides seemed like the perfect life to a 10-year old! To me, there is nothing more surreal than the densely packed colors of a carnival midway. On top of that, I shoot mostly with wide-angle lenses. I like getting close and filling the frame.


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