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J.D. Mraz

“Sunrise Coke” J.D. Mraz

Year: 2020
Media: C-Print on Fujicolor crystal archive paper supreme
Format: 30cm × 20cm ,  12″ x 8″
Edition: Limited edition of 10 + 2 artist proofs                                   

This limited edition comes with a signed, stamped & numbered certificate of authenticity on verso. The Print is protected in a glasin cover and a solid envelope.

Price: 24,50 € (incl. tax) 35€     

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While sitting in an A/C-less Isuzu on a deployment in the Middle East Jacob decided he wanted to be a film photographer. It was Christmas 2019 when he received his first camera. Since then he has cataloged travels from Maine, to Maryland, and Florida primarily. In the future he hopes to take his camera the world over. Jacob enjoys moments; an old building on the verge of collapse, an old couple situated on a park bench, or two lovers embraced. These are the things he loves most about photography—the ability to capture and freeze pieces in time, forever. Currently, Jacob lives in the Baltimore area. He spends his weekends exploring the old city and its neighborhoods, looking for gems hidden in daily life. It’s that very treasure hunt which motivates Jacob every time he goes out. A majority of his work is visible on Instagram @jd.mraz.

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